GP View has become an established forum for news and views on all aspects of general practice and how it will develop in the future. Over the past few months, we have been discussing the challenges and solutions that need to be implemented in order for GPs to manage their practices efficiently and to go through the upcoming transformation.


Due to the increasing need, we have decided to add a consultancy offer to the passion project that we started last year. Thanks to our varied experience, we can offer support in two areas: to GPs and practices looking to grow and develop, and to individuals and organisations looking to use digital media to communicate and engage effectively.

General Practice Development

Who will benefit from this service?


GPs looking to group together and merge their practices, who are considering the best organisational format for them, and who want to work through the right ‘at scale’ solution both for themselves and for their local colleagues.


How we can help?


  • Facilitate introductory meetings and exploratory discussions
  • Run Q&A sessions to explore fully what options are available, and the pros and cons of each one
  • Look at how STPs are changing the service with the implications and opportunities for general practice
  • Provide detailed operational support to put your plans into practice, leading up to ‘the live stage’ and beyond as the new organisation works to become established
  • Bring additional specialist support (legal, financial, general practice, operational) where needed, including GP and practice manager colleagues to meet with groups and individuals to help with engagement and buy in of these crucial groups

Our approach will be to tailor our offer to your requirements, but with the operational elements pre-packaged to reduce cost. We work in partnerships with experienced individuals who have these ‘ready to go’ and who are used to working together as a group to give the complete support that is needed.


What will it cost?


All assignments are costed individually, but we will use competitive daily rates, pre-planned packages with trusted colleagues and associates, and through virtual approaches to improve efficiency. We are happy to help with early discussions and planning, or to work with you to completion – the choice is yours.

Blogging and Digital Media Support

Who will benefit from this service?


Individuals, practices, or small companies who wish to communicate and engage using social media, blogging, or websites to spread the message to their specific target audiences.


We can:


  • Offer tailored training sessions on any aspect of digital media and communications – these can be via webinars or face to face, through one to one meetings, in small and larger groups
  • Set up (and ongoing support if required) of websites or social media accounts, helping you build a substantial following amongst your target audience
  • Provide ongoing advice and support over Skype or similar
  • Work with you as a partner on a call off basis, so we are there when (and only when) you need us


What will it cost?


All assignments are costed individually, but we will use competitive daily rates and virtual approaches to keep costs to a minimum. We can work on a one off basis, or via continuous support through a monthly or quarterly subscription, according to your needs.

Accounting Support

Provided in partnership with MHA MacIntyre Hudson.


Who will benefit from this service?


GPs, practices, and partnerships seeking accounting support and advice.


We can help you by providing:

  • Regular management and year-end accounting
  • Tax compliance and planning
  • Advice on alternative business structures
  • Specialist capital allowance claims for surgeries
  • Superannuation certificates
  • NHS pension reports and projections for annual allowance and lifetime allowance planning
  • Planning of partner drawings and cash flow management
  • Succession planning, partnership changes and property ownership
  • Software selection and training


What will it cost?


All assignments are costed individually, but we will use competitive daily rates and virtual approaches to keep costs to a minimum.


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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.