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Quick chat with …. Dr Hannah Allen

What’s the most unforgettable memory from your practice? No one single memory stands out alone, there are a few that are particularly poignant. One being of accompanying a sick patient…

Quick chat with… Georgina Craig

Work/life balance – is it possible or is it a myth? Running your own business is very different to being an employee. Achieving work-life balance sometimes feels like a pipe…

Quick chat with… Dr Zoe Norris

Why did you choose to work in general practice?  My two favourite groups of patients are older adults, and children. There’s a lot of both in general practice! I liked…

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James Thambyrajah
Practice Finance

Choosing General Practice

Pamela Sturges, a second year medical student from Keele, explains how she views GP as a potential career choice. Becoming a medical student in itself is a great challenge. Getting the…

Fish and chips

Sure, job satisfaction isn’t always about what you get. I’m certainly not a GP for the money, working in an inner city practice which earns 2/3 of the average for…

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