Bloggers Corner

Our aim has always been to support GPs, and all health professionals within General practice, who put their opinions out there and work hard to make waves within the digital sphere. As a community for fellow bloggers and tweeps, we have now decided to go one step further to support all content creators and story-tellers in the field. This new space will be dedicated to introducing colleagues who like to blog about any aspect of general practice, and to showcasing their work.


We think there are many writers, vloggers, or indeed podcasters, out there, and we are keen to bring them together as a community. We won’t be selecting on the basis of certain opinions or viewpoints, although we have an unashamed preference for positive and constructive communications that stimulate thought and share ideas

We’ll let our colleagues speak for themselves, by linking through to their sites, but first we will introduce them to you via a series of questions.


As always, let us know what you think, either here or via our Twitter feed! If you would like to see your blog showcased below, simply email Ema or Mark.

Bloggers Corner #7 – Lisa Drake

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Bloggers Corner #6 – Claire Carmichael

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GP Bloggers Corner #5 – Dr Andy Knox

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