GP Bloggers Corner #4 – Student Nurse Journey


Student Nurse Journey: Follow Cassie’s fascinating journey to practice nursing, in her own words: “Practice Nursing is my calling, that is something I am sure of. Despite the outdated view that it has ‘no career development’ or ‘somewhere nice to retire to’ I know that my future in nursing is bright, there is so much to learn, so many skills to develop and I cannot wait to get started.”

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging after tweeting that I had a achieved my dream job at a GP surgery- I was then asked by RCN GP Forum to write a blog about why I have chosen to go into GP newly qualified. I was also inspired by my friend @DanielleEvanss4 who has been blogging for a while and suggested I write some too!

How long have you been blogging for?

I have only been blogging for around a month, however my brain is now full of different ideas that I want to write about!

What do you hope to achieve through your blog?

I hope to show people that GP is somewhere you can go in newly qualified, that it is exciting, varied and so many learning opportunities.

Has anything surprised you since you started?

I was really surprised by the response that I had to my first blog, the amount of people I was able to reach and have an impact on was much larger than I had expected or anticipated!

How do you publicise your blog? Which channels are the most helpful?

At the moment I just publicise my blog through Twitter, however I have had people contact me to say they have emailed it to colleagues as well as posting my blog on nursing pages on Facebook. I find twitter the most helpful as it can reach my desired audience the quickest and be shared!

What keeps you going with it?

After my large initial response I really want to keep the momentum going, I am an ambassador for the General Practice Nurse Student Nurse Network and therefore am keen to promote GP to students as well as those looking for a new exciting career!

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to become a fully fledged Practice Nurse- Eventually I would like to become a Nurse Practitioner.

Any tips for colleagues who may be thinking about blogging?

I would say- write what’s down in your head as it comes- you can always edit it later! Also although it can be about the profession of GP it doesn’t need to be written like an essay, as often that structure can put people off. My final tip would be to advertise across the right channels- send it to other twitter accounts who are passionate about what you’re blogging about, they will then share it and it will reach a wider audience.

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