GP View is growing!

It is now over 8 months since GP View first launched, and over that time we have published a wide variety of articles on many key matters relating to the future of general practice. I am grateful to our contributors who have provided thought-provoking and insightful pieces that have been widely read, shared and commented on. More importantly, I hope they have inspired some change, whether it be new thinking or a change in practice.

In the first 3 months of this year we saw over 10,000 page views and more than 5000 users of the website. The new user rate continues to increase at pace and we have an increasing number of  new authors willing to share their thoughts with our readers. Our engagement across other digital platforms is also increasing with over 2700 active Twitter followers and countless conversations we have started online.

A warm welcome to Dr Dom Patterson

But we are not standing still!

I am absolutely delighted that Dr Dom Patterson, who is a GP in Rotherham, is joining our editorial team. You can read his Bio here. Dom started the very successful #whyGP movement on both Twitter and via his own website. This fits very closely with our own ethos so we are delighted to be bringing #whyGP and GP View together.

Dom has strong interests in workforce matters and health inequalities so expect to see more on these topics in the coming months. He is also passionate about encouraging young doctors and med students to opt for a career in general practice – something we have addressed through our articles already but are keen to develop even further

Further developments

In response to increasing demand GP View will be developing a range of additional services over the next few months With all the change occurring, and with so many discussions about ‘GP at scale’ happening all over the country, there is a real need for practical  advice and support. To address that we will be developing an Advice and Consultancy service. We will be developing this offer in conjunction with trusted partners over the summer, so keep an eye on the website!

We are often asked about setting up websites, blogging, and running Twitter and social media accounts, so part of our Advice and Consultancy offer will cover these areas.

Our overall goal will be to provide value and real world practicality, delivered in an easy to access and cost effective way. Watch this space!



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