GP View is an online community created to discuss all matters relating to the future of general practice. A place to express, challenge and debate opinions and to share thoughts and experiences with colleagues.

We want to hear from you! GP View is a platform that is open and we invite any views relevant to shaping the future of general practice. 

You don’t have to be an experienced writer or blogger, we will help you get your message across. If you would like to share your view, don’t hesitate and get in touch.

The Challenge


All over the NHS new models of general practice are emerging, often ‘at scale’ and underpinned by various governance models – federations, partnerships, limited companies and more. And with strategic transformation programmes underway across the NHS, integrated providers on the horizon, and a new GP contract, the landscape is a diverse one. Unprecedented pressure on GPs means something has to change, but what are the options and which offer the most potential?


Where does GP View come in?


    • Each week we will publish an opinion piece, aimed at informing readers, and provoking comment and debate.
    • Each month we will publish an editorial commenting on developments and experiences of establishing a super partnership in the Midlands.
    • We will also will collate and share articles, blogs and relevant documents to keep our readers informed on developments in the wider scene.
    • We will also seek opinions from all parties involved in the debate to provide a rich resource of information and opinion about the future of this critically important part of our NHS.


Empowering Conversations


We will invite articles from anyone interested in the developments in general practice and everyone who is passionate about it’s future.

To add grit to the discussion, we will hear from GP commissioners, from Local Medical Committees, and from GP ‘sceptics too. We will bring in GP researchers and GP educationalists – a bit of hard evidence to balance the anecdote. We will also seek views from the STP programmes around the country, and always search out informed opinion wherever we can find it. And we will bring perspectives from those who work closely with general practice, as non NHS providers of goods and services.


Last but definitely not least we will bring a patient perspective to the debate. Important as we are all ‘patients’ of general practice of course.


There is no editorial line, other than a ‘can do’ perspective and a willingness to debate and challenge opinions around the future development of general practice. To coin a phrase, this site will be ‘all about the conversation’!

We want to hear from you.