GP Blog round-up #3

GP View Weekly Roundup – our favourite blogs and stories from around the web. 

Being a pharmacist in a GP practice – getting to know the team

Regina Ahmed talks about the first few weeks of establishing her role within a GP practice. Read more.

“I have realised that this role is what I make of it and what I put in. It is a chance to work together within a multidisciplinary team to think of new ideas that make a real difference to the quality of patient care, improve safety and health outcomes.”

Is patient technology just what the doctor ordered?

Sophie Castle-Clarke explores the pros and cons of digital health. Read more.

“One of the biggest benefits of digital technology is that it can equip patients with the confidence to manage their own health and care. Although the majority of apps have not been evaluated, we are already seeing positive impacts on behaviour change, diet monitoring, physical activity and chronic condition management from ones that have.”

GPs cannot function on goodwill alone

Krishna Kasaraneni discusses what happens when the government fails general practice. Read more.

“The Government’s new mantra ‘transformation’ is a nice rhetoric in theory, however, practices do not reach breaking point by themselves. Without the necessary funding and staff to oversee this transformation, the reality is that these services will wither and fail.

Anatomy of a Doctorpreneur ⅕ – The Founder

First part of an interesting guide to starting a venture from Andrew Foster. Read more. 

Healthcare is facing a perfect storm of challenges. The list is familiar; increasing patient expectations, older and more medically complex populations, availability of more but higher cost treatments, and shrinking or static budgets. To continue to deliver universal care, good care and to also control costs, we will need to do things differently.

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