GP Blog Round-up #10

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1) General practice is burning, but I refuse to lose all hope

Dr Des Spence presents his view on the crisis in general practice. Read more.

“Successive governments were seduced into more money for hospitals, and worse still, more money for ill-conceived public awareness campaigns that jet propelled public health anxiety. The ‘expert’ always on hand to criticise GPs for a supposed lack of knowledge and delays in referrals. This didn’t just happen once, but relentlessly for decades, constantly undermining the position of GPs. We were forced to refer even when we knew it was bullshit. The hospital system is dysfunctional, inefficient and offers appalling service but gobbles up 90% of all resources. Even if you try, a consultant will never phone you back.”

2) Watch this space – new GP blogs from London. 

New GP hopes to share their joys, triumphs, stresses, frustrations and tears as they navigate through the first year of practice. Read more.

3) The perfect storm to distract us from a crisis

Dr Samir Dawlatly discusses news reports suggesting that the opening hours of general practice are to blame for the crisis being seen in hospitals up and down the country. Read more.

“As always, the politicians, their advisors and journalists have cherry picked from the reports linked above, in order to create a distracting media storm. Better to have irate GPs, and their supporters, on the TV and social media, than pictures of patients in corridors and stories of deaths on trolleys. The spin doctors have done a perfect job and we have all fallen for it. The Prime Minister doesn’t even have to retract a statement she hasn’t made. 

4) May’s scapegoat attempt could spark mass resignations, says top GP

Dr Kailash Chand says GPs are rightly angry at government effort to shift blame for NHS crisis on to them with seven-day threat. Read more.

“There was, last year, a special LSE conference in London in which there was a call for a mass resignation from GPs. The GPs I’ve talked to, they are so angry, so angry. And rightly angry, that what do they expect from us? And I think it’s high time, they might be that desperate, that they say yes. If you want this kind of work without funding then it is a call for mass resignation.” 

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