GP Blog Round-up #11

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1) NHS transformation plans are beset by infighting

Richard Vize, discusses STPs – negotiations on reforms must be built on trust, otherwise there is little chance of escaping the relentless cycle of crisis management and short-term fixes. Read more.

“Worryingly, STPs have given little thought to engaging with staff and patients. Since the whole process is ultimately about getting clinicians to work differently, STPs are risking serious resistance to their plans unless clinicians shape and lead it.”

2) You’re ‘Ordering’ GPs Are You, Mrs May?

Dr Zoe Norris pens a passionate response to the latest PM’s remarks.

“There is ALWAYS a GP service for urgent problems. It might be at a main surgery, not a branch surgery. It might be a phone-call to the out of hours GP. But it is there and you have, in one fell swoop, spat in the face of all those doctors working hard to prop up the system you have failed.” Read more.

3) The general practice workhorse is being flogged to death

Dr Zara Aziz discusses the perils of burnout and rising workloads. Read more.

“We all have only so much to give of ourselves to so many aspects of our lives, be it our work – consulting with patients, dealing with piles of paperwork, supervising trainees or managing the fall-out from crisis-ridden hospitals – or our personal lives. And the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts. 

4) My big idea? Let’s replace GP training with something more useful

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp describes an alternative model for GP training. Read more.

“So what is the answer? I think its simple. We need to scrap GP training in its current form. We need to replace it with an absolutely tailored programme of on the job training which will turn out GPs ready to hit the ground running. The structure of this is clear to me.” 

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