GP Blog Round-up #12

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1) As a GP, I wish I could call time on the 10-minute appointment

Suddy Davidson showcases the challenges of a 10-minute target in patients with complex needs.

“A 10-minute appointment may suffice for a patient with only one problem and no other health needs, who can give a clear and concise account of their symptoms, and who is physically mobile.

In reality, the majority of my patients are elderly and have multiple coexisting conditions. They often have impaired mobility and memory, as well as communication difficulties, and don’t forget the wider social issues they often face.” Read more.

2) Is AI coming for your doctor’s job?

Dr Andrew Foster discusses what may (nearly) be possible when AI takes over. Read more.

3) GP-to-do-everything is the road to madness

We can no longer stick our fingers in our ears and hope that STP stands for sticky toffee pudding -Dr Karim Adab talks about dealing with the upcoming changes. Read more.

“The challenge, then, is to save ourselves. The plans – grandiose, imposing, with hidden critical weaknesses – are real. The lasers are being calibrated. We are our only hope, Obi-Wan, lest we want stupid and unpleasant futures to befall us. What’s more, unless we ask specifically to see the blueprints, they sure as heck ain’t gonna show us. 

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