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1) GPs, it is time to face the elephant in the room

Dr Des Spence dishes out some bitter truths about the future of general practice.

“General practice will continue irrespective of what happens: even if there is no more money or GPs to recruit. The crisis we face is not about money it’s about ‘work-life balance’. Working in a hospital currently is a lot more appealing to young doctors than a chaotic general practice. Offering more money will have a paradoxical effect; doctors will simply work less for the same money. To think otherwise is denial. Read more.

2) How can GPs provide rapid access alongside long-term continuity of care?

Beccy Baird talks about tackling the challenge of providing both rapid access and long-term continuity of care.

Last year the Fund carried out detailed research to see if we could get a better picture of what was actually happening in general practice. We found that GPs were under huge pressure for a variety of reasons, including activity rising faster than investment and workforce numbers; the increasing complexity of patients whose care is now managed in general practice; new services and clinical advances; and complex relationships with the wider health and care system, where pressures in one part lead to pressures on another. Read more.

3) NHS Health Check: How one GP practice tackled waiting times

GP practice in Plymouth has reduced the time it takes to get a routine appointment with a doctor from three-to-four weeks to under seven days. Read more.

4) Which deadly sin can help save the NHS?

Dr Adrew Foster writes: “Since antiquity, mankind has held a belief in the deadly sins. A list of seven infamous and destructive vices may not feel like the natural place to look for inspiration to help a health service creaking under a myriad of pressures and challenges.

But, there is one deadly sin that Doctors and other healthcare workers would benefit from indulging in more often.” Read more.


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