GP Blog round-up #4

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Another view: repeats appointments

Neil Paul has been trying out two products that allow patients to book appointments direct with a GP. One works, because it doesn’t just fill slots, and the other needs more work, because that’s all it does. Read more.

Let’s not go OTT on OTC

Dr Tony Copperfield discusses the idea that GPs should stop prescribing for minor illness. Read more.

“It’s not just about cutting back on profligate prescribing, though it will do that by giving the less assertive among us permission to say ‘can’t’ rather than ’won’t’. It’s also a fightback against the culture of medicalisation and dependence, transferring responsibility back to the punters and freeing up appointments.”

The top five things to check before signing with locum agencies

Working with an agency can help to take the stress out of locum work – especially when you are on short-term engagements. However, as with any other contract, you should always read the terms carefully. Robert Day lays out top five points to check before signing any booking agreement. Read more.

Shamefully, the autumn statement said nothing about social care

Jennifer Dixon and Anita Charlesworth discuss the widening gap between short-termist welfare budgets and real needs. Read more.

“Local authorities are running out of options – they have cut providers’ margins to the bone and many are walking away from contracts. Almost everyone currently receiving local authority-funded social care has been assessed as high need, so withdrawing services will bite especially hard. Who will hurt most? The poorest. The “just about managing” will “just not manage”.”

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