GP blog round-up #5

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1) The Ben Gowland Podcast

GP View’s Mark Newbold discusses a progress update within his super partnership.

2) The squeezed NHS is responding to difficult times by innovating

Latest report on the state of the health service paints a gloomy picture — but also highlights providers’ resilience and ingenuity. Read more.

“The key to finding that kernel is to think about patients and service users: they should be at the heart of NHS reform. So whether it’s delayed transfers of care, A&E admissions, or mental health crisis care, it is the combination of improving an individual’s experience and making the system work better that can prove a successful approach.”

3) We need to embrace failure

Read more.

“Embracing failure might be a cliché of the business world, but I don’t think we do it enough. We need the intellectual humility and courage to transform the notion of failure from a personal hit on self-esteem, to something that’s inevitable, an opportunity to learn, and a jolt to inspire creativity.”

4) Life on The Scottish Rural Track Program

Roberta Lindeman is a trainee on Rural Track program in Fort Wiliam and is now in her final year of training having spent her elective year working on the Scottish Leadership Fellowship. Here she talks about her experiences on the Rural Track Program and what attracted her to it.

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