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1) Anatomy of a Doctorpreneur: Doctor led Startups Part 2 – The Idea

Dr Andrew Foster examines that most vital piece of the anatomy of a medical startup… The idea behind it all. Read more.

“Lots of good ideas in medicine won’t make you rich. Innovations that improve patient care or cut costs to the NHS without making the “inventor” any money are their own reward. But this post is about creating a business. It is important to do your sums and establish if the product is financially viable.”

2) Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) explained

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) were announced in NHS planning guidance published in December 2015. NHS organisations and local authorities in different parts of England have come together to develop ‘place-based plans’ for the future of health and care services in their area. Draft plans were produced by June 2016 and ‘final’ plans were submitted in October. These plans now need to go through a process of assessment, engagement and further development. But what do STPs really mean? And what will they mean for the NHS and for local populations? Read more.

3) Why the big secret over plans to transform NHS services?

Dr Zara Aziz discusses emerging concerns regarding the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). Read more.

“The greatest danger of STPs is that they become the focus not of improvement or innovation but of cost-cutting”

4)  Salaried and locum GPs can help solve NHS workforce crisis

It’s time the NHS woke up to the fact that GPs opting for salaried and locum roles can be part of the solution to its workforce problems, argues Dr Zoe Norris. Read more.

“The crisis in general practice is affecting every area, with similar levels of unmanageable workload and staff shortages. For patients this means that wherever they are, they are going to be faced with a local practice that is simply unable, despite its best efforts, to provide enough appointments or services to the community. This is no longer a problem people read about happening somewhere else.”

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