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1) Choosing to be a ‘Jack of All Trades’ – Dr. Jonathan Griffiths

‘Jack of all Trades’ is often considered a derogatory term. Drawing from his vast experiences in the field of medicine Dr Jonathan Griffiths speculates that this may not necessarily be the case.


2) Becoming a pharmacist in a GP Practice

Regina Ahmed discusses the challenges of training and communicating. Read more.

One thing I do not want is to create a divide with community pharmacists in the local area. I am keen to make sure that the surgery and pharmacies work together to make systems operate consistently and at their best to improve patient care and safety further.


3) David Meates: ‘One system, one plan’ – Canterbury’s journey to place-based health care

David Meates, CEO of the Canterbury District Health Board, New Zealand, speaks about Canterbury’s journey to place-based health and care. Read more.


4) UK View: Listen to patients and staff

The NHS and local authorities are setting the future direction of health and care in new Sustainability and Transformation Plans. Listening to staff and patients should be at the core of drawing up those plans, says John Morley, CEO of Formic. Read more.


“Listening is good, and this listening function now needs to spread more widely, as a move to integrate health and social care takes shape. As Neil Churchill has noted, listening to patients’ experiences must stretch across health and care pathways. And the patient experience should be considered right at the start of the journey towards integrated care.”


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