GP Blog Round-up #9

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1) I’m a GP: will a robot take my job in 2017?

They already perform surgery, take blood and help people walk. But can robots replicate vital human interaction? Read more.

“But to ignore the computer is to run the risk of missing vital information. Integrating the machine into the face-to-face encounter between doctor and patient is an art form most of us never master. And working with a robot is an even more daunting prospect.”

2) #whyGP

A site, which hopes to remind GPs the wonderful positives, the honour and privilege of working in general practice…and to help those considering GP to discover them. Read more.

3) Letter from Tower Hamlets GPs

NHS transformation plans cannot ‘save’ money without cutting services.

“We believe that it is not possible to ‘save’ this amount of money without severe cuts in service. The NHS is struggling to function as it is and it is a testament to all the staff who work in it that it still provides such an excellent service. Read more.

4) A stone in the shoe

In his blog, Bill Russell, looks at local Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and what they mean for Buckinghamshire.

“In reality the Sustainability & Transformation Plans (STP) are all about reducing costs and in the NHS the cost of the wonderful staff is the biggest part of the overall cost to providing care.  So any good planners will be taking a close look at staffing costs and performance.” Read more.

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