What’s new in – GP research

Neither patients nor GPs are stopping antidepressants

A randomised cluster trial shows how challenging it is to stop antidepressants. Patients and GPs are apprehensive even when prescribing falls outside of guidelines.

Using a ‘telephone first’ approach may increase the total time GPs spend consulting

A system where all patients have a telephone call with their GP before an appointment decreased the number of face-to-face consultations but increased telephone consultations. There was an overall 8% increase in the time GPs spent consulting, though there was large variation across practices.

Irish GPs would like increased access to point-of-care testing

A cross sectional survey of Irish GPs shows the majority welcome point-of-care testing but the financial cost and time constraints remain significant limitations.

A new International and Overseas Network promises global support and inspiration

The RCGP has launched a formal global network that aims for success by building on an evidence-based approach to network success and international collaboration.


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